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Versatile and Ready for Anything
At Stem, we recognize that each project is unique, with its own specific requirements. We have the tools, instruments, recording techniques and strategies to accommodate any challenge. Let us transform your vision into reality.
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The staff of STEM Recording has devoted their adult lives to writing, performing and recording music.  Their passion, experience and talent are one of the main components that make STEM unique.
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The building that houses STEM Recording was built from the ground up to be a recording studio, not a repurposed existing structure.  Each of the four rooms rests on its own foundation and the HVAC system features dedicated runs to each room, meaning no shared ductwork.  These design characteristics create the ultimate in isolation from outside noise and between rooms.  The ceilings are vaulted and there are no opposing surfaces amongst the vertical walls.  All diffusion, baffling and acoustical treatments were professionally designed to enhance the sonic character of each room.
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From the Trident console and multiple racks of outboard gear to the wall of amps and roomful of drums, you’ve got options.  The mic locker is stocked with the perfect blend of vintage and modern classics.  And whether your song calls for a Strat, a Les Paul, a Tele or a hollow body, all the usual suspects are within arms reach.
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With deep ties to the Arizona music community, STEM Recording has access to an elite fraternity of musicians to help bring your musical vision to life.  Need strings?  Horns?  A choir?  No problem.
Main Room
The 1200 square foot multi-purpose main room is large enough to accommodate a full band with amps and instruments for live tracking as well as podcasts, video shoots, classes, groups or meetings in a unique setting.
Control Room
Our spacious control room is home to our 30-input Trident 80B console and four racks of alternative mic pres, signal processing and effects options. (See gear page) The Barefoot micro mains, cloud diffusion and acoustic treatments provide a comfortable and accurate listening experience with plenty of room for the entire band and guests.
Isolation Booth
The iso room features two cedar walls opposed by two walls covered floor to ceiling in Owens Corning 700 series insulation resulting in a low resonance tight room sound.  The room is large enough to allow for a fully mic’d drum kit and is ideal for isolating amps or for vocal tracking.
You're at Home
Set on an acre of the same Arizona desert canvas that inspired a legacy of artists including Stevie Nicks, Gin Blossoms, Glen Campell, and Linda Rondstant, the Stem experience is like no other. Allow the Southwest hacienda vibes to compliment the creativity of your project, relaxing in the yard with your own BBQ, chiminea, and views. Your experiences outside the studio should support and inspire your work inside. Close bike ride to restaurants, clubs, and hikes for your convenience; hotels and other accommodations are available upon request. Being away never felt so much like home.
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Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, our team of expert sound engineers and cutting-edge equipment are dedicated to bringing out the best in your music. Schedule your session with us and experience an environment where creativity thrives and your vision comes to life. Don't just dream about making great music – come create it with us. Click 'Get Started' and let’s transform your sound into a masterpiece that echoes across the airwaves.
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